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Ionic Relaxator AcuImage01

Ionic relaxator AcuImage01 Ionic relaxator AcuImage01 is device for electro and air-ions therapy and primary diagnostics. Principle is based on the creation of high-voltage electrostatic field .

The discovered phenomenon is based on the fact that the acupoints, in comparison with the surrounding tissues, have lower electrical resistance. Consequently, when placed in an electrostatic field and covered by dielectric (paper, cotton fabric) they luminescence in a darkened room.
AcuImage01device is used as diagnostic (evaluate the point state by the brightness of the luminescence ) and therapeutic tool.

Ionic relaxator is used for air-ion therapy which allows a relaxation and regeneration of the body. Device may also be applied for electro-puncture therapy - non-invasive (needle-free and no skin contact) acupuncture treatment. By means of the corona discharge only the points with minimum electric resistance (acupoints)are affected.

Grounded patient is treated by electrical current via dielectric layer or by air-ions current without dielectric layer.

Depending on the electrode polarity there is a movement of negative or positive ions and electrons from the body to the AcuImage01 device electrode or from the electrode to patient's body. When positive electrode is applied negative ions and electrons are moved from the patient's body to the AcuImage01-device electrode. In this case "sedation" effect can be realized. When negative electrode is applied negative ions and electrons are moved from the AcuImage01-device electrode to patient's body. In this case "stimulation" effect can be achieved.

a) Active electrode, dielectric medium polythene, grounding electrode
b) Points visualization

If you provide electro-puncture, the skin surface of the patient should be covered by a dielectric. The active terminal is positioned from the skin surface on a distance of 5-10 cm. When you press the button on the active terminal an electrostatic field of a high-voltage corona discharge, is being formed. An even movement of the active terminal over the treated skin surface of the patient is provided; the same time a light slaughter appears in the AP who has the minimal electric resistance (maximal brightness in the visualization mode).

Positive and Negative electrodes of the device visualize points of "Excess" and "Deficiency" condition correspondingly.
Possibility of low resistance point visualization make an contribution to integration of traditional oriental and modern western medicine systems.


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